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All Mail Must Be Sent Through the U.S. Postal Service

Offenders Full Name
Wayne County Detention Center
217 Jim Hill Service Road
Monticello KY, 42633

(Sender)No Labels all hand written
Senders Full Name
Senders Full Return Address

Black or blue in only

The Following Items will not be permitted:

  • No Inmate To Inmate Mail
  • No Pornographic material (Printed, Photographic, or Drawings)
  • No Violent or gang related material
  • No Tobacco products of any kind
  • No illegal substances of any kind
  • No newspapers or newspaper clippings, no magazines or clippings, and no books
  • No drawings, coloring book pages, puzzle book or puzzle book pages, or bookmarks
  • No cards with glued items, music device, or ribbons or ties.
  • No mail with cologne/perfume, lipstick, crayons, markers, sparkles, glitter or glitter pens, stickers, or unidentifiable substance
  • No clothing, cash, or personal checks
  • No Polaroid photographs, no pictures larger than 4x6, no pictures printed on copy paper
  • Offenders can only have a total of (5) five pictures
  • Any item available for purchase through the commissary (stamped envelopes, paper, pencils, puzzle books, personal hygiene items, snacks, etc) Indigent inmates can receive these items in an indigent pack that they must request.

Items that are acceptable through the mail are as follows:

  • Greeting Cards single fold (subject to above restrictions)
  • Letters (subject to above restrictions)
  • Photographs (limit of 5, no larger than 4x6)

Limit of 5 per stay/per inmate

Bibles or religious material must be pre-approved through the Jailer or his designee

Any mail received with unauthorized items will be returned to sender.